Buzzfeed is like crack


First of all, I want to apologize to both of you in advance for all of my shares on Facebook from Buzzfeed. I have recently become obsessed with this popular website (and now an app, that I’m so excited to have) because of a funny FB post that it originally stemmed from on my news feed. If you haven’t checked it out and need a good laugh, I highly encourage it! Basically what it is is sort of like a “gossip” column, but not in the girly, stereotypical way at all. It’s mostly all relevant news and they update it every half hour or so; I’m so impressed with the staff and writers at Buzzfeed to keep things interesting and fun. They also collect stories from other sources, which in that case they put the original link on their page. One thing that I think Buzzfeed does amazingly well is to personalize their entire website that most humans can relate to, or at least acknowledge. In our class text, Share This, the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, is quoted, “People relate to people, not companies,”(pg.18.) I think he is totally right! Buzzfeed puts up some pretty off-the-wall stories up about how awkward/ funny humans are that a lot of people won’t even talk about, but they’ll definitely get a kick out of when they read it.

Check out some of these links and let me know what you think!