Google+ is paving the way for better technology

“Google+ is already at an advantage. Facebook trail-blazed the way brands and users interacted online, and, like all innovators, had to break a few eggs to make the omelette. Facebook was never intended to be a brand platform and make the inefficient and annoying way commercial concerns used the Group function for so long confirms that, online, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If Google+ can learn from its predecessor’s mistakes, it’s already one nil up,” (pg.90.)

In chapter 10 of Share This, Google+ is the main focus, and I must say, I’m pretty impressed. I think the quote above is a great one because it’s kind of stating that not all the time is it best to be the first, but to take time to see the mistakes that have been made to make a better final product.

Google+ is especially great for PR professionals to connect with their audiences because of the grouping and categorizing users are able to do with followers. This way, organizations can communicate and interact a certain way that they may not with another group to gain more attention.

Google+ has definitely got my vote as one of the best new social media outlets that I’ve heard of. I haven’t yet created an account because I only heard what it was all about today, but I will sign up soon for sure. I think it’s awesome that you can categorize your friends from your colleagues and from there you can group specific type of friends and a specific type of colleagues; the possibilities are endless.  I also think it’s great that you are able to chat with up to 10 people at a time which makes for ideal business phone meetings. Google+ is the future and just like Facebook paved the way, Google+ will be paving the way for many other social media outlets to come.

“With the major chunk of the search market, it’s almost inevitable that the search opportunities for Google+ brands should outweigh other networks,”(pg.90.)

These 2 sources are from technology trade magazines:

This is a great article on Google+ describing how it’s better than Twitter and Facebook. It basically says that Twitter and Facebook are for a generic audience and doesn’t fit to quite everyone. Google+ help you communicate with the only the people you want to communicate with.

This article lists all the things about Google+ that are more beneficial to your personal life and your professional life, rather than having a Facebook.



One thought on “Google+ is paving the way for better technology

  1. Laura,

    I do not have a Google+ account either and only heard about it through our social media class. It definitely seems more “adult-like” than Facebook, but not quite as professionally oriented as Linked-In. Since our online persona projects I’ve been trying to think of a way to move away from Facebook and maybe Google+ is it?!

    I also thought that quote from the book was great, and very true! The first thing of it’s kind isn’t always the best version.

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